Work from home was a fairly new term to me when I started my IT career back in 2012. I was wondering how to take work home from the office!

Slowly, as I started on the job, started with this culture too. My company was fair enough not to micro-manage even a fresher for taking a work-from-home (WFH) on any day and it was a norm for the weekend support to be a WFH. Everyone was assigned laptops as soon as we started and we took work everywhere. It felt cool to have this facility with me, and my family was fascinated to see this too. They, being in strict work from office only set up was wondering how to get this done. Even when some companies, I worked with, people were working with other people from a different continent as a client-vendor set up, they failed to trust their own employees who sit next to them to avail a remote work or rather slowed down implement such policies.

Fast forward to 2020, this new model became the norm. Even with the old WFH set up, there were many things that ‘could not’ happen virtual, that varied from the on-boarding to document verification when a new hire happened, from the document verification to virtual onboarding, everything was challenged and made to happen. A tiny organism out there, proved if there is a will, there is a way. Work continued, revenue was generated, meetings happened.

As 2021 opened, now companies are thinking- Should we continue with the WFH, hybrid, or back to old school mode of working.
The challenges of WFH was of course the messed-up work and personal space, having said that these challenges can be overcome and more opportunities can be created for skilled people around the globe. For little kids, of course, no screen can replace their teacher taking their imagination sky-high and running around with their peers rather than we parents running around with an aching back and sprained legs.

Well, tons of surveys have been already conducted on many platforms. Now, personally, I feel, the new model should not adhere to any strict mode of the location to working. There can be a booking model for a team wherein they as a team or as an individual can book a workspace in the office and come together. The policies should be intact which ensures data security. When work is brought home, personal space was being invaded. With the pandemic around and children at home, they were asked to mute themselves. But when the pandemic is gone and children are away in their schools- there can be one of those days where you just don’t want to get up and drive the traffic- switch on your laptop and you are ready.

Overall, a skeleton strong enough to support all modes of work and flexibility can go a long way.
After all, ‘The show must go on’.