I measure life by memories, not years! Technically a Writer.

We started reading together as young as three months. He gazed towards the colors in the book, my tone of ups and downs while reading. I was a bit stubborn about putting books first before screens. I may be an old school here, I felt screens minimize their ability to…

Work from home was a fairly new term to me when I started my IT career back in 2012. I was wondering how to take work home from the office!

Slowly, as I started on the job, started with this culture too. My company was fair enough not to micro-manage…

My Kid Won’t Eat?

Weaning to solids after 6 months!

As every First time mom, I believed Cerelac is part of growing up, pureeing is important, Kids needs to see “nature” for eating ! How dumb I was , Phew! Pity myself for the lame thoughts I had.. …

Italy is one of the most traveled destinations in Europe! The country has it all: mouth licking cuisines, Amazing architecture, coastal, history, churches and what not. Wine and gelato is the cherry on top and there you go with memories imbibed in your heart forever!

General Tips:

First and foremost thing: Visa…

Mom, shall I go on a vacation?
You can go with your hubby after marriage!
This was an epic slogan every Indian girl would hear when they ask for permissions to roam around.
Mine was not different either!

At last, I got that golden opportunity wherein I am packing my…

Nimitha Jalal

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